What is Aqua therapy with hyaluronic acid ?

Therapy with hyaluronic acid "Aqua silk". Perfect for all skin types.

Step 1 : 1 pc peeling glove soaked in ANA acid

Step 2 : 1 collagen mask infused with active ingredients

Step 3: 1 x 1.2 ml aqua silk serum

Main ingredients:

Peeling glove with 9% AHA, allantoin, panthenol, glycolic acid, citric acid, fruit extract complex of pomegranate, strawberry, broccoli, apple, blueberry, cactus fruit

Express lifting mask with hyaluronic acid: collagen mask made of highly purified cellulose

Solution: Hyaluronic acid, aloe, green tea, cleansing plant extract of daisy, wild wormwood, elderberry, edelweiss

Aquacoprine serum: hyaluronic acid, boabab-hibiscus complex, silk proteins, organic ginseng extract, golden seaweed, charged spheres with D-panthenol, Q10 and hyaluronic acid, Shiitake - immuno-modulator, vitamin ACE liposomes

Effect and properties: immediate lifting effect, pore refining, supports cell regeneration, deep cleansing, strong moisturizing effect, firming and revitalizing, prevents hyper pigmentation, helps with the fight against wrinkles, prevents photo aging


Step 1 – Peeling with AHA, pH 3.6-3.8

We clean the skin carefully. Rub the entire face with the peeling glove with AHA 9%. Then remove the product.

Step 2: Express lifting mask with hyaluronic acid.

We apply a collagen mask soaked in serum to the face, lightly press it and let the serum activates for about 10-15 minutes.

We clean the face with micellar water or facial cleansing tonic

Step 3 : Aquacoprine serum.

We apply the aqua silk serum to the face and neck. Then apply face cream

Duration - about 20 min.