What is V-Max Shape?

V-Max Shape improves skin's elasticity.
The heat energy of 65 degrees is directed to the SMAS layer (3.0mm - 4.5mm), causing tightening and restoration of the collagen network, V-Max Shape successfully affects the obesity by melting the fat in the layer between 10mm ~ 20 millimeters in the depth of the skin.

Is there any pain during the V-Max Shape procedure?

The patient may feel slight discomfort and warmth.

Can patients return to their daily duties after the procedure?

There is no contraindication.

How long does the V-Max Shape procedure last?

This depends on the areas being treated. Each of the zones has a duration of about 20 minutes (for each zone).

When can the patient see the effect?

Most patients can see the effect immediately after the first V-Max Shape procedure. However, this mainly depends on the elasticity of the skin and the amount of fat. The final effect is visible after about 60 days.

How many V-Max Shape procedures are required?

Every patient's treatment plan is different. The number of procedures depends on the skin's overall condition and the amount of fat
2nd procedure can be done after 2 weeks.
Maintenance is recommended every 3 months. This will help your body keep the results of all V-Max Shape procedures.
The composition of fat deposits depends on the food that is consumed. If the procedure is combined with a suitable diet, it will help you achieve maximum results. During the treatment, you should drink at least 2 liters of water every day and avoid salty food, food with lots of fat and any kinds of pasta.

Are there any side effects after the procedure?

The redness that can be seen immediately after the V-Max Shape procedure should disappear after a few hours.

V-Max Shape helps to:

• Tighten the loose skin
• Burn fat easily
• Eliminate the cellulite
• Contour your body {with V-Max Shape that is performed by breaking down excessive fat layers between 10 mm and 20 mm deep.}


• Minimal discomfort
• Non-invasive procedure
• The ultrasound does not disturb the surface of the skin.


• Results are noticeable after one procedure.
• Up to 3cm. reduction of the circumference of the treated area already after the 1st procedure according to the amount of fat deposits.
• Visible reduction of cellulite.
• Visible tightening of sagging skin, as the technology used rapidly increases collagen production.
• Shaping the contours of the body.

We cannot do V-Max Shape in any of this cases:

1. Persons under the age of 18.
2. Persons with heart diseases, presence of a heart pacemaker, high blood pressure, infectious skin diseases.
3. Pregnant women, lactating women, as well as menstruating women.
4. A skin fold below 3 cm is not performed.
5. Persons with vascular diseases
6. Persons suffering from thrombosis or thrombophlebitis 7. Persons who are being treated with anticoagulants
8. Persons who have undergone a transplant
9. Persons who have large metal prostheses
10. Diabetics 11. Epileptics