808 nm "the gold standard in epilation". The fixed wavelength is extremely well absorbed by the melanin in the hair, therefore the risk of burns and pigmentation is minimal. Bella Laser beam penetrates to a depth of up to 8 mm and effectively destroys both the superficial and the deep follicles.

Suitable for all skin types and hair color, can be used even in summer.

The sapphire cooling system makes the procedure completely painless.

Bella Laser makes it possible to cover large areas in a short amount of time.

Scientific studies guarantee durability of the result up to 12 years.

This makes Bella Laser a real revolution in hair removal.

We cannot do Laser hair removal in any of this cases:

1. Persons under the age of 18.
2. Persons with heart diseases, presence of a heart pacemaker, high blood pressure, infectious skin diseases.
3. Pregnant women, lactating women, as well as menstruating women.
4. Procedures on the thyroid gland, upper eyelid, eyelashes and eyebrows, male genital organs.
5. Prolonged exposure to the sun and solarium, as well as use of self-tanners 15 days before and after the relevant procedure.
6. Skin with permanent make-up or tattooing.
7. Persons with untreated hormonal diseases.