What is Chemical peel?

Chemical peel removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, stimulates renewal and improves the skin's functioning. It also smooths the skin, makes the pores shrinking and it gets rid of the fine wrinkles, as well as some various dark spots. Chemical peeling regulates oiliness and reduces inflammation. In any case, regardless of your age, peels are a mandatory procedure to maintain youth. The procedures are quick, painless and very effective.

Through chemical peeling you can:

• Get rid of the dark spots on your skin
• Even out the complexion
• Reduce the greasiness
• Shrink your pores
• Make these fine wrinkles go for good :)
• Restore the smooth appearance of your skin

What to expect after a peeling procedure:

Recovery time is about four to six days. Your skin may appear lighter or darker temporarily. You will see the result after the seventh day.

Duration - about 60 min.